What’s in Season from the Garden State: Summer Picnic Foods Should Not Be Brown and White

FmMkt_HildPk_17It’s summertime in Jersey and the landscape bursts into a symphony of color: greenery, flowers, blue skies and water, beach umbrellas, fireworks. And then you go to a picnic or barbeque. All of a sudden the tableau turns to a drab brown and white: Hot dogs. Hamburgers. Buns. Potato salad. Cole slaw. Cola. Lemon-lime soda. Brownies. Ho hum. That would be fine fixings in America’s heartland, where wheat and cattle and corn for high fructose corn syrup are grown, but this is New Jersey – the Garden State. We can improve on that. Let’s do a picnic makeover Jersey-style.

We asked Rutgers Cooperative Extension faculty for some suggestions for turning up the color on a Jersey picnic/barbeque. Here’s what they suggest: [Read more…]

Cumberland County 4-H Invites Bridgeton Pathways Students to “Spy” on Nature

Students in the Bridgeton 21st Century Pathways Program took part in hands-on experiential learning with Cumberland County 4-H during the week of July 13th… The Rutgers Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development Program partnered with Bridgeton Schools to engage youth in science, engineering, and the arts. The week-long program, designed by County 4-H Agent Julie Karavan, invited students to spy on nature, learning how Rutgers scientists and engineers monitor local species and habitats. Students produced their own constructions and personal creations- including underwater robots, contact prints, poetry, and artwork, based on their first-hand observations… The program included a service learning opportunity with Jenny Paterno of Project PORTS. Participants visited the Rutgers Haskin Shellfish Lab and created over 100 shell bags to provide habitat to oysters. Students also were able to take a tour of the gardens at Rutgers Cooperative Extension, where they constructed LEGO based underwater robots designed to retrieve a simulated biological sample or marine debris… "Rutgers colleagues made this a fabulous experience for the kids," said Karavan. "Having a 4-H alum return in a staff position to teach in the schools really enriched the program."

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Local Moth Night to Kick Off National Moth Week July 18 in Jamesburg Park

A sphinx moth. The Sphingidae family of moths are found throughout the world. Photo by David Moskowitz.

A sphinx moth. The Sphingidae family of moths are found throughout the world. Photo by David Moskowitz.

Nature enthusiasts of all ages are invited to grab their cameras and head over to Port Street alongside Jamesburg Park in East Brunswick, NJ at 8 p.m. Saturday, July 18, for the kickoff of National Moth Week, sponsored by the Friends of the East Brunswick Environmental Commission. National Moth Week, celebrated this year from July 18 to 26, shines a spotlight on moths, calling attention to their beauty, biodiversity and ecological importance. It was started in 2012 by the Friends of the East Brunswick Environmental Commission and quickly became an international event attracting citizen scientists in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and over 40 countries.

A Mercury vapor light and white sheet will be set up and a long sugar bait trail will be created to attract moths after dark. The Jamesburg Park Conservation Area is part of the Middlesex County Parks system. It lies within the Spotswood Outlier—the northernmost area of New Jersey Pine Barrens habitat separated from the main area of the Pine Barrens to the south by about 15 miles. This protected area is situated in East Brunswick, Helmetta, Spotswood and Monroe Township. It is rich in vegetation diversity and should be an interesting place to look for moths. [Read more…]

Clifton High School Valedictorian Sees Future as Surgeon

Clifton High School Valedictorian Daniel Peltyszyn, said the first thing he wanted to do after graduation was "sit back and relax." After becoming the top of the graduating Class of 2015, the respite is well-deserved. However, Peltyszyn said what he is most looking forward to is a change of scenery after three years at Clifton High School’s main campus… He will attend Rutgers New Brunswick as a member of the inaugural Honors College class in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences… Peltyszyn said he plans to become a surgeon. If he had to choose a specialty right now, he’d opt for neurosurgery, he added.

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Horse on a Treadmill: An Un-Stable Workout at Rutgers Equine Showcase

At the annual Rutgers showcase, spectators came to see the running of the horse- on a treadmill. It was one of several exhibits at Rutgers University’s Equine Science Center Summer Showcase at Cook campus Wednesday. The event drew dozens of visitors of all ages to learn about the center and the research going on there… The equine program began in 1980 and the center was established in 2001, said Karyn Malinowski, the equine science center director and professor of animal sciences. This showcase serves as a way to get people exposed to the research that’s being done at the equine sciences center, she said… To get the horse to properly ride the treadmill, the process requires the work of about 12 people to monitor the horse, to operate the machine, and to stand by the horse while it’s running, Malinowski said… At the count of three, the machine turned on. Kenneth McKeever, professor and associate director of research at the center, narrated to the crowd what was happening as the horse, Marge, began to gallop.

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