Student Attendance Soars at Community Day Video

The idea of devoting a day for students to get to know their community is not full of hot air. The video below is Rutgers Today’s take on Community Day.

Video: Community Day Brings Rutgers Students Together


Rutgers Joins USDA Northeast Climate Hub to Address Needs of Natural Resource Managers

Wildfire in Ocean County, NJ in April, 2014. Source: NJ State Climatologist Office

Wildfire in Ocean County, NJ, in April 2014. Source: NJ State Climatologist Office

Farmers, forest landowners and other natural resource managers, whose livelihoods depend on the reliability of seasonal cycles, are on the forefront of climate change. When anticipated local conditions are disrupted, conventional practices no longer suffice and land managers have to tread new ground.

There’s assistance, however, in the Northeast region of the U.S. in the form of the USDA Northeast Climate Hub, which will deliver science-based knowledge and practical information to farmers and forest landowners. The aim of the hub is to support decision-making related to climate change and to maintain and strengthen agricultural production, natural resource management and rural economic development under increasing climate variability. It will build capacity within USDA to deliver information and guidance on technologies and risk management practices at regional and local scales. [Read more...]

Learning about, helping N.J.’s horseshoe crabs

They look like tiny coriander seeds. And 6,000 of them can easily fit into the bottom of a half-dozen buckets filled with seawater. But the young horseshoe crabs released into the Cape May Canal on Friday, as part of the 26th anniversary of National Estuaries Day, are the essentials of a grow-and-release program at the Rutgers Aquaculture Innovation Center here…"They’re important to us because they play such a vital role in the health of the bay and provide myriad benefits to the local fishing industry, migratory shorebirds population, and the state’s biomedical industry," said Michael P. De Luca, senior associate director of Rutgers Institute Marine and Coastal Sciences, which operates the center.

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Release project in Cape helps horseshoe crab hatchlings avoid predators

You could call it a Head Start program for horseshoe crabs. Normally the crabs have a tough learning curve. They are born on the sandy Delaware Bay coast, the largest breeding ground in the world for the species, and predators immediately try to eat them…A Rutgers University project at its Aquaculture Innovation Center on the Cape May Canal is giving some of the young crabs a three-month head start in life…"We’ve released 50,000 to 75,000 a year. It can make a difference because they’re so susceptible to predation. Striped bass, bluefish and other finfish feast on young-of-the-year crabs," said Michael De Luca, a director at the university’s Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences.

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Boost your child’s chance of growing up healthy

A new project launched by Rutgers aims to help parents creates healthier, happier, safer homes and lifestyles. Parents have so many time and budget pressures these days, it makes it a challenge to be sure their kids have what they need to grow up healthy. "We spent thousands of hours surveying, observing, and talking to parents across New Jersey to find out what we could do to help them do an even better job raising their kids," says Carol Byrd-Bredbenner, Rutgers Professor. "We used all this information to create the new HomeStyles program."

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