Student Film Features Professor’s Battle Against White Nose Syndrome in Bats

Marine and Coastal Sciences major Jill Azzolini (SEBS 2015), who worked as a summer intern with Day’s Edge Productions, used her newly-acquired digital filmmaking skills to create a short film of Rutgers Assistant Research Professor of Wildlife Biology Brooke Maslo’s work on reviving bat populations that have been decimated by White Nose Syndrome. Azzolini was able to design an internship that enabled her to combine her creativity and enthusiasm with her interest in the environment in the production of this short film. Read more about Azzolini’s work on the film.

Video: Fight for Flight: The Battle Against White Nose Syndrome

Student Attendance Soars at Community Day Video

The idea of devoting a day for students to get to know their community is not full of hot air. The video below is Rutgers Today’s take on Community Day.

Video: Community Day Brings Rutgers Students Together


A Great Day for Mingling: Cook/Douglass Community Day 2014 Video

The students came in droves to the Cook/Douglass campus on September 17. Community Day gave students a chance to get to know what Rutgers has to offer and how to become a part of the university community.

Video: Cook/Douglass Community Day 2014 at Rutgers University

Rutgers Pinelands Field Station Provides Unique Ecosystem for Student Research

Ph.D. students from Rutgers University-Camden and Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS) in New Brunswick perform a range of scientific experiments to study the unique ecosystems of the Pine Barrens at the Rutgers University Pinelands Field Station. SEBS Ecology and Evolution doctoral students Joni Baumgarten and Natalie Howe discuss how their research on lichens and switchgrass, respectively, is enhanced through access to the field station.

Video: Rutgers University Pinelands Field Station Student Research

Rutgers SEBS First Year Student Induction Ceremony 2014 Video

Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS) held its second annual induction ceremony for incoming freshmen and transfer students for the 2014-2015 academic year on Labor Day, Sept. 1, at the Nicholas Music Center on the Douglass Campus. This new annual tradition welcomes SEBS students with a ceremony that introduces them to the rich history and traditions of the school as well as the many resources and activities available to them throughout the school year. Watch as faculty and students share their thoughts on the event and view the photo gallery for the event.

Video: Rutgers SEBS First Year Student Induction Ceremony 2014