NJTV Spotlights Ag Field Day at Rutgers Day

NJTV made a visit to the George H. Cook campus to get an overview of Ag Field Day. Executive Dean Bob Goodman is featured.
Video: Family Fun and Tradition Are at the Heart of Rutgers Day

Ask the Rutgers Expert: Why Do Leaves Change Color in the Fall? (Video)

Rutgers has the answers to life’s big questions! Rutgers NJAES Extension Specialist in Forestry Mark Vodak explains how the shorter days and cooler nights affect the production of chlorophyll.

Video: Why Do Leaves Change Color in the Fall?

New Jersey and Climate Change: Impacts and Responses (Video)

New Jersey and Climate Change: Impacts and Responses
Produced by the New Jersey Climate Adaptation Alliance, this video provides a comprehensive overview about impacts of a changing climate to people, places and valuable assets throughout the Garden State. Rutgers Professor of Environmental Sciences Tony Broccoli, Distinguished Professor at Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy Michael Greenberg, Executive Director of Voorhees Transportation Center Jon Carnegie and other noted representatives from New Jersey address these issues. Support for this video has been provided by the Kresge Foundation and Rutgers University. For more information go to njadapt.rutgers.edu and www.njadapt.org.

What’s in Your Basement?: Rutgers Trains Professionals on Radon Measurement and Mitigation

How to Educate Homeowners on the Need for Radon Testing - Video for Radon ProfessionalsRadon professionals know radon is a silent, invisible killer, but many homeowners don’t think it could be a serious problem in their homes. The Eastern Regional Radon Training Center (ERRTC), a part of Rutgers NJAES Office of Continuing Professional Education, provides training for professionals to become certified as radon measurement or mitigation service providers. ERRTC is one of four Regional Radon Training Centers established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Alumna Mariellé Anzelone (CC ’93) Leads Video Series Host into the Woods in NYC

Urban ecologist Mariellé Anzelone (CC ’93, GSNB ’00) leads “Plants are Cool, Too!” video series host Chris Martine through Inwood Hill Park, NYC’s primeval urban forest on the northern end of Manhattan. Martine is the David Burpee Chair in Plant Genetics and Research at Bucknell University, and the video series highlights intriguing plant research. This episode was partially sponsored by the Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources. Also watch the episode shot on Cook Campus where Martine investigates Prof. Lena Struwe’s research on parking lots weeds.

Video: Nature in New York City - Plants are Cool, Too! Episode 7

Sneak Peak at OCPE’s Intro to Food Science Short Course: “Why Use Food Color?”

Video: Food Science Short Course - Why Use Food Color?

Every August, over 60 food industry professionals from all over the U.S. and abroad converge on the Cook campus with a common goal: to attend the Introduction to Food Science short course offered by the Office of Continuing Professional Education (OCPE) where they learn both the fundamentals and emerging technologies of food science. In a jam-packed five days – starting with a networking dinner and culminating with a tour of the Rutgers Sensory Evaluation lab – participants experience topics like food chemistry, nutrition, microbiology, color, sensory evaluation, and food engineering, all presented by top researchers, faculty and industry experts. It is one of six food industry training courses offered each year by OCPE. Learn more about the Introduction to Food Science class.

Our Rutgers, Our Future Campaign “Thank You” Video

Our Rutgers, Our Future, the university’s seven-and-a-half-year campaign came to a formal close on December 31, 2014, raising a record-setting $1,037,056,700. In announcing the availability of the campaign’s final report, Rutgers President Robert Barchi said, “These funds will enable Rutgers to act on the vision developed by faculty, students, staff, alumni, and friends and expressed in our University Strategic Plan for what Rutgers can become: one of the nation’s finest public research universities—preeminent in research, excellent in teaching, and committed to community.”

Video: Thanks a Billion

SEBS faculty members Peter Gillies, founding director of the New Jersey Institute for Food, Nutrition, and Health, Larry Katz, director of Rutgers Cooperative Extension, and Karyn Malinowski (CC’75, GSNB’80, ’86), director of the Rutgers Equine Science Center are featured saying “Thank You” to the donors who believed in and supported this historic Rutgers campaign. View the Thank You video above.

Rutgers VETS Program Graduates Inaugural Class


VETS Program graduates and Rutgers trainers. Top Row: Jackie Long, Irvinia Moody, Jason Baker, Isaac Ezirim, Jan Zientek; Middle Row: Amy Rowe, Rodney Spencer; Front Row: Shawn Rhagnanan, Wendy Huggins, Verdie Williamson, Robert Robinson, Matt Smith

VETS Program graduates and Rutgers trainers. Top Row: Jackie Long, Irvinia Moody, Jason Baker, Isaac Ezirim and Jan Zientek; Middle Row: Amy Rowe and Rodney Spencer. Front Row: Shawn Rhagnanan, Wendy Huggins, Verdie Williamson, Robert Robinson and Matt Smith

Unique partnership among a university, a church and companies makes a difference for unemployed veterans in Newark

It was a proud moment at the Willing Heart Community Care Center in Newark, NJ, on March 3, where 12 local veterans graduated as the inaugural class of the Rutgers Veterans Environmental Technology and Solutions (VETS) program.

Each of the veterans had stories to share of struggle after returning from service, with limited opportunities to earn a living. When some entered the program last May, they were unemployed and had nowhere else to turn. [Read more…]

Food for Thought During National Nutrition Month®

Video: Do We Control Our Food Choices?
March is National Nutrition Month® and is a particularly good time to pause before making your daily food choices. In this featured video, Peggy Policastro, an instructor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences, discusses a Byrne Seminar she co-teaches called “The Hunger Frames,” which explores how redesigning the dining environment can promote healthier eating.

Policastro also weighs in on a federal nutrition advisory panel’s new recommendation to lower the amount of sugar we consume. Read more at Rutgers Today.

Rutgers FCHS Releases New Video to Coincide with National Nutrition Month® Celebration in March

Video: Rutgers Family & Community Health Sciences: Promoting Healthy Families, Schools & Communities

Launches new video showcasing its array of programs and services for New Jersey residents

The Department of Family and Community Health Sciences (FCHS), a community-based nutrition, health promotion and family wellness outreach component of Rutgers Cooperative Extension, provides workshops and online resources to educate and support families, worksites, schools and communities to create healthier lifestyles.

To coincide with National Nutrition Month®, a nutrition education and information campaign held every year in March, FCHS has launched a new video, “Family and Community Health Sciences – Promoting Healthy Families, Schools and Communities,” that is designed to showcase research-based programs targeted to promote healthy lifestyles for all New Jersey residents. [Read more…]