4-H Volunteers: Share and Connect Video

Summer is the season for 4-H County Fairs. Find your County Fair and check out this video to see what being a 4-H volunteer is all about:

Video: 4-H Volunteers: Connect & Share

USDA Sec. Tom Vilsack Congratulates Cooperative Extension on 100th Anniversary

Video: USDA Sec’y Vilsack Congratulates Cooperative Extension on 100th Anniversary

Rutgers IFNH Hosts Human Performance Conference

In March 2014 the Institute of Food, Nutrition and Health hosted the 1st Annual Human Performance Conference.
Human Performance Conference 2014

Scenes from Ag Field Day 2014

Sunshine, music, food and fun – another successful Ag Field Day, part of Rutgers Day!

Video: Ag Field Day at Rutgers Day 2014


Reduce N & P in Lakes and Ponds with DIY Floating Wetland

Wetlands are effective tools for cleaning polluted water. As the plants grow they remove excess nutrients from stormwater runoff and store it in their leaves, while adding oxygen to the water. Their roots also support a habitat for microorganisms that feed on excess nutrients. A way to help lakes or ponds from becoming a soupy mess from overgrowth of algae is to build a floating wetland. In this video, Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Camden and Burlington counties demonstrate how to make a “Do It Yourself” artificial floating wetland for lakes and ponds to help reduce levels of nitrogen and phosphorous.

Video: Floating Wetland