The Rutgers Club: A University Gem for More Than 50 Years

The Rutgers Club at 199 College Avenue.

The Rutgers Club at 199 College Avenue.

When Joe Charette (Cook ’77) came back to Rutgers in 1989 as an associate director with Rutgers Dining Services, one of his responsibilities was the charming white house at 199 College Avenue – the Rutgers Club, a gem of a gathering place for more than 50 years.

Now executive director of Dining Services since 2011, Joe readily admits that the Rutgers Club is “near and dear to his heart.” In fact, every Mother’s Day he takes his wife Debbie and his mother Marion to the Rutgers Club for its legendary buffet. “I travel a considerable distance to get to the Rutgers Club, where I could just eat locally. But Debbie and my mother insist on the club because it offers two seatings, so there is no waiting in line, and the food is great,” he says. [Read more...]

Butterflies and moths get their day (and night) at the Meadowlands

What’s the difference between a moth and a butterfly? Mostly the time of day. Other than what shift they work, there’s not all that much difference between the two insects, experts explained recently at DeKorte Park in Lyndhurst…What separates the two creatures is one of the most-asked questions about the insects, said Elana Tartaglia, an expert on moths from Rutgers University, who holds a Ph.D in ecology. "I’m asked that all the time," she said, "and the answer is quite simple: Very little."

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Rutgers Cooperative Extension Welcomes Back Retirees to Celebrate 100th Anniversary

Former and current Rutgers Cooperative Extension directors, John Gerwig (left) and Larry Katz cut the cake commemorating the 100th anniversary of Extension.

Former and current Rutgers Cooperative Extension directors John Gerwig (left) and Larry Katz cut the cake at the retiree event commemorating the 100th anniversary of Extension.

This year, as Rutgers Cooperative Extension (RCE) celebrates the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Smith-Lever Act of 1914 that created the Cooperative Extension Service, what better way to commemorate its history than to invite back those who were part of its past? To this end, a luncheon for RCE retirees was held at Neilson Dining Hall on the Cook/Douglass campus on June 20. Fifty retirees and their guests attended the event, reuniting with former and current RCE colleagues.

The retirees were former faculty and staff that represented all facets of RCE administration, its extension specialists and the ARMA, FCHS and 4-H departments. Current RCE department heads were on hand to provide updates on institutional activities while Executive Dean Bob Goodman and RCE Director Larry Katz discussed extension’s anniversary and the current state of affairs.

While the retirees appeared to enjoy active and fulfilling retirements, a few never strayed far from Rutgers, continuing work in their respective fields. Retired Extension Specialist in Vegetable Crops Mel Henninger coordinates the educational program for the annual New Jersey Vegetable Meeting (Atlantic Coast Ag Convention and Trade Show) in Atlantic City and is also working with Agricultural Agent Dave Lee on corn and soybean trials at Rutgers Snyder Farm. Recently retired Agricultural Agent Rich Obal (GSNB ’77) teaches courses for the Rutgers Office of Continuing Professional Education and continues his involvement with the Rutgers Master Gardener program. [Read more...]

Nature Next Door: Mothing is the new birding

Early in 2012, two naturalists in Central Jersey announced an ambitious plan: to create an annual July event called National Moth Week (NMW) to raise awareness of these little-known creatures of the night. The N.J. Meadowlands Commission and Bergen County Audubon Society jumped at the chance to hold a moth event…What started as a series of local public moth nights that Liti Haramaty (Lab Researcher, Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences in the School of Environemntal and Biological Sciences at Rutgers University) and David Moskowitz (Entomology graduate student at SEBS) began in East Brunswick in 2005 has gone international. This month, events take place in every state of the union and more than 30 nations.

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Another Side of Summer: Plovers Struggle to Survive Amid People and Predators

The challenge continues: Can endangered piping plovers thrive nesting in one of the busiest state parks in New Jersey? The tiny family giving it a go south of Barnegat Lighthouse this summer is surely determined…"The eggs just hatched the day before Father’s Day; that was really exciting," said Karen Leu, a research technician with Rutgers University. "As far as nests, though, we only have the one piping plover nest out there. In previous years we’ve had two to four pairs. This year numbers have been going down for all the sites, actually. That’s a little depressing."

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