Congratulations to SEBS Class of 2015

Class of 2015 graduates at SEBS Convocation.

Members of the Class of 2015 at the SEBS Convocation.

On a chilly, blustery May 18, the mist that blew across Passion Puddle did not dampen the spirits of the graduating seniors attending the Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences 2015 Convocation. Dean of Academic Programs Rick Ludescher led the ceremony while Executive Dean Bob Goodman addressed the Class of 2015, which totaled 725 graduates.

The Dr. Barbara Munson Goff Teacher of the Year Award was presented to Tim Casey of the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources. Biological Sciences major Ariel Booth presented the class remarks.

In an annual tradition that began in 1982, members of the Cook alumni association presented the graduates with red oak seedlings to take a living part of the George H. Cook campus with them as they embark on their next journey. View images of 2015 Convocation on the SEBS Facebook album.

School of Environmental and Biological Sciences Unveils New Website Redesign

redesign-launch-screenshotThe School of Environmental and Biological Sciences has launched its newly redesigned website.

The website is more responsive so that it can be viewed easily on mobile devices. A particularly prominent feature is the enhanced social media feeds in the middle of the homepage to better connect the school to its various audiences. The website is more visually appealing and dedicates more space to telling stories about the teaching, research and service activities of students and faculty.

Executive Dean Bob Goodman called the website a “gateway to our school for current and prospective students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and the various communities we serve.” The website offers a wide cross-section of information, including majors, course offerings, academic services, faculty research, international study options, student research opportunities, and campus life.

Opinion: FEMA Raises the Bar on Climate Change Hazard Mitigation

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is raising the bar in the fight against climate change. According to InsideClimate News, "Starting next year, the agency will approve disaster preparedness funds only for states whose governors approve hazard mitigation plans that address climate change."… While this policy change will not affect disaster relief, it will affect millions of dollars that are available to address the medium- and long-term problems of hazard mitigation. More important, while these funds are certainly desirable, of greater significance is that we are not planning for the inevitable… There are people today who insist that climate change isn’t real. In Florida, state environmental officials have said they were ordered not to use the terms "climate change" or "global warming." Similarly, environmental officials in Pennsylvania under former Gov. Corbett and officials in North Carolina have been pressured to avoid using "climate change" in public discussions. Wisconsin’s officials appear to be under similar pressure… This article was written by Barry Chalofsky, P.P., an environmental, land-use planning and management consultant and an adjunct instructor of environmental planning at Rutgers University.

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SEBS & NJAES Faculty and Staff Receive 2015 Celebration of Excellence Awards

2015 Rutgers SEBS Celebration of Excellence AwardsThe 22nd annual “Celebration of Excellence” Awards Luncheon of the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES) was held on April 23 at the Neilson Dining Hall on the Cook/Douglass Campus. Rick Ludescher, dean of academic programs at the school, served as Master of Ceremonies while Executive Dean Bob Goodman addressed the luncheon attendees and presented certificates or plaques to the winners.

Each year, the leadership at the school and NJAES recognizes the outstanding contributions of those in our community who have brought distinction to themselves and their programs. Congratulations to all whose outstanding creativity, original work and ideas, innovation, effectiveness, integrity, leadership, impact, community engagement and overall excellence were so honored. [Read more…]

Ramapo Tomato Seed an Option With Flavor

This article was written by Mona Bawgus, a certified master gardener and consumer horticulturist with Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Atlantic County.. With a goal to find the tomato that best represented what people remember as the old Jersey tomato, in 2007 Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES) began conducting tomato trials. They began with several varieties that gardeners and farmers associated with that old Jersey taste. NJAES grew each variety and then evaluated them not only for flavor, but also on performance. The public was also invited to participate in several taste tests to collect their opinions… Not only did gardeners love them for their flavor, but also for their resistance to cracking and other common tomato diseases. Commercial seed companies had previously sold this seed to farmers and gardeners, but over the years, had stopped supplying them. Frustrated gardeners contacted Rutgers and a small amount of seed was produced and made available for a short time. Rutgers eventually found a company willing to mass produce the seed and the Ramapo tomato was re-released in 2008.

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