Bringing Local Foods into Schools: A Food Innovation Center Partnership

School lunch quality has been getting a lot of attention on the web lately. Whether it’s images of tantalizing school lunches from around the world juxtaposed with a bland U.S. school lunch, or students’ snapshots of globs of unidentifiable food on school lunch trays, people are taking notice. The Rutgers Food Innovation Center is working to make school lunch products not only healthy and tasty, but also made from local Jersey Fresh products.

Video: Rutgers Food Innovation Center converts local harvests into student-approved cafeteria foods

Rutgers Expert Weighs In On What’s Sufficient When It Comes To Food Safety

iStock_000005670506LargeWhen it comes to sanitation, one size does not fit all. Associate Director for Food Safety, Quality Assurance & Training at Rutgers Food Innovation Center – South Donna Schaffner looks at what makes for sufficient food sanitation practices in commercial food production. Her article was published in the December 2014/January 2015 issue of Food Safety Magazine.

Red Knot Protection Could Take Toll on Oyster Industry, Beach Replenishment

A recent decision by the federal government to list a migratory shorebird as a threatened species could have implications beyond the Delaware Bay beaches where the birds come each spring to feed on horseshoe crab eggs.. While wild oyster harvesting began locally in the 1730s, using the tidal flats to grow them, a French method known as "rack-and-bag" is relatively new… "There are nine growers on the Delaware Bay, though one is not active, and they grow 1.5 million oysters a year," said Lisa Calvo, aquaculture program coordinator with New Jersey Sea Grant at Rutgers University.

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Rutgers and City of Newark Collaborate to Help At-Risk Youngsters

bullying lo resBy channeling youngsters’ and parents’ energies toward positive outcomes, youth can learn to avoid mimicking criminal and violent behavior observed in their neighborhoods. Kenneth Karamichael, director of Rutgers Transitional Education and Employment Management (T.E.E.M.) Gateway, which operates from the Office of Continuing Professional Education, is co-directing The Brick City Synergy project. Read more at Rutgers Today.

Floriculture Greenhouse Dazzles with its Annual Poinsettia Display and Sale

Each year the Floriculture Greenhouse on the Cook campus hosts a Poinsettia Open House followed up with a sale of the flowers. Photo by Jack Rabin.

Each year the Floriculture Greenhouse on the Cook campus hosts a Poinsettia Open House followed up by a sale of the flowers. Photo by Jack Rabin.

Arctic, Freedom Peppermint, Silverstar Red, Sonora Jingle, Premium Polar – they’re not holiday candies or names of rogue reindeer, but are among the many Poinsettia cultivars on display during the annual Poinsettia Open House held at the Floriculture Greenhouse on the George H. Cook campus. Almost 100 varieties provided by the leading breeders/propagators such as Ball, Dummen, Ecke, and Syngenta, were on display at the Open House which was held in November. The Open House is followed up by a plant sale of the Poinsettias, which this year is on Tuesday, December 2, through Friday, December 5, 11:00 to 3:00 each day. The plants are selling for $8 per 6” pot. [Read more…]