Hot Pepper Plots Picked Clean in ‘HYOP’ 2014

Hot Peppers gleaning - 2014In the second annual “Harvest Your Own Pepper” (HYOP) event on October 15, the hot pepper plots at Hort Farm III on Ryders Lane in New Brunswick were once again open to Rutgers faculty and staff to pick their own hot peppers left over from research variety trials. Albert Ayeni, ethnic crop specialist, and Tom Orton, extension specialist in vegetable breeding, are conducting the hot pepper trials for selecting varieties that grow well in New Jersey. In addition, they are investigating the peppers’ potential use as ornamental plants and medicinal foods. Read more about the hot pepper research and the first HYOP in 2013.

Student Attendance Soars at Community Day Video

The idea of devoting a day for students to get to know their community is not full of hot air. The video below is Rutgers Today’s take on Community Day.

Video: Community Day Brings Rutgers Students Together


A Great Day for Mingling: Cook/Douglass Community Day 2014 Video

The students came in droves to the Cook/Douglass campus on September 17. Community Day gave students a chance to get to know what Rutgers has to offer and how to become a part of the university community.

Video: Cook/Douglass Community Day 2014 at Rutgers University

The Rutgers Club: A University Gem for More Than 50 Years

The Rutgers Club at 199 College Avenue.

The Rutgers Club at 199 College Avenue.

When Joe Charette (Cook ’77) came back to Rutgers in 1989 as an associate director with Rutgers Dining Services, one of his responsibilities was the charming white house at 199 College Avenue – the Rutgers Club, a gem of a gathering place for more than 50 years.

Now executive director of Dining Services since 2011, Joe readily admits that the Rutgers Club is “near and dear to his heart.” In fact, every Mother’s Day he takes his wife Debbie and his mother Marion to the Rutgers Club for its legendary buffet. “I travel a considerable distance to get to the Rutgers Club, where I could just eat locally. But Debbie and my mother insist on the club because it offers two seatings, so there is no waiting in line, and the food is great,” he says. [Read more...]

Butterflies and moths get their day (and night) at the Meadowlands

What’s the difference between a moth and a butterfly? Mostly the time of day. Other than what shift they work, there’s not all that much difference between the two insects, experts explained recently at DeKorte Park in Lyndhurst…What separates the two creatures is one of the most-asked questions about the insects, said Elana Tartaglia, an expert on moths from Rutgers University, who holds a Ph.D in ecology. "I’m asked that all the time," she said, "and the answer is quite simple: Very little."

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