Rutgers NJAES and Board of Managers Host GMO Forum for New Jersey Farmers

"GMOs: Questions and Answers for New Jersey Farmers" was held on May 9 at the Rutgers EcoComplex.

The forum, “GMOs: Questions and Answers for New Jersey Farmers,” was held on May 9 at the Rutgers EcoComplex in Bordentown, NJ.

Since the early 1980s, the technology to select specific genetic traits from one organism and insert them into the genetic code of another organism, a process known as genetic engineering (GE) or modification (GM), has allowed scientists to create biological products that express traits that are otherwise not available in those products. When applied to agricultural commodities, this technology can offer farmers ways to improve their production.

The development of genetically engineered products has caused concern in consumers wary of the potential for inadvertent harm from consuming this enhanced food product or from introducing GM crops into the environment. The mix of messages in the media on the pros and cons of GM products has created an environment in which consumers and farmers alike have legitimate questions and concerns that need to be addressed. Farmers who are told of the advantages of GM products as a way to improve their production also face intense questioning from customers about the safety of GM crops. The need for farmers to have access to sound science and information to help them to make informed decisions about GM crops and how to respond to consumer concerns led the Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES) and its Board of Managers to host a forum, “GMOs: Questions and Answers for New Jersey Farmers,” at the Rutgers EcoComplex in Bordentown on May 9. [Read more...]

South Plainfield Senior Center Grows Garden for Healthy Eating

As a member of the Mayors Wellness Committee, I had had an idea to incorporate Mayor Anesh’s Wellness initiatives with healthy eating for our seniors. The idea quickly grew into action in the form of a vegetable and herb garden outside the Senior Center Building. The first item on the agenda was to contact the Master Gardeners of Rutgers Cooperative Program. The Master Gardeners Cooperative Program is a group of trained volunteers that I was able to meet and discuss the plan of a senior vegetable garden. After Rutgers performed soil testing the project was a go!

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There’s Love for Local in New Jersey

NJ Ag mag photoDid you know New Jersey is a national leader in the local foods movement? We wouldn’t be called the Garden State if we didn’t take our agriculture seriously. Read more on how home cooks, restaurant chefs, school children and food pantries are tapping into Jersey Fresh produce at New Jersey Agriculture.

Rutgers Haskin Lab Assists Cape May Co-op in Getting Oysters to Market

Fresh, tender Delaware Bay oysters from Cape May being shucked. Credit: Jack Rabin

Fresh, tender Delaware Bay oysters from Cape May being shucked. Credit: Jack Rabin

Lisa Calvo, aquaculture program coordinator at Rutgers Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory, has been a key resource in guiding the Cape May Oyster Cooperative, with additional help from experts at Rutgers New Jersey Aquaculture Innovation Center and the Rutgers Food Innovation Center. Read more from New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium on how working as a cooperative helps member oyster farms get their oysters to market.

Rutgers Master Gardeners of Cumberland County holds award lunch

Rutgers Master Gardeners of Cumberland County held its eighth Awards Luncheon on Tuesday, May 27, at the Rutgers Cooperative Extension Center in Millville. Tammy Commander and Pam Burton arranged the event. Eighteen area residents successfully completed the 20-week Master Gardener’s curriculum coursework and have become Master Gardener Interns.

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