Rutgers Home Gardeners School: Green Thumbs Invited to Let Knowledge Bloom

Rain Barrel Workshop at Rutgers Home Gardeners School. Photo credit: Rebecca Sheil Rathmill.

Rain Barrel Workshop at Rutgers Home Gardeners School. Photo credit: Rebecca Sheil Rathmill.

Gardening enthusiasts are invited to register for the upcoming Rutgers Home Gardeners School to be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sat., March 19 on the Cook/Douglass campus. This year marks the 40th offering of this annual event, which many attendees come back for year after year.

Designed to offer “something for everyone” seeking a greener thumb, the Rutgers Home Gardeners School is made up of 35 individual workshop sessions covering a wide array of horticulture topics. This format allows attendees to select the workshops that are most relevant to their gardening interests in order to create their own unique, customized schedule for this fun day of learning. Dynamic speakers from commercial horticulture and landscape design firms, as well as faculty and staff from Rutgers Cooperative Extension (RCE), provide attendees with valuable opportunities to learn from seasoned professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience. [Read more…]

Prof. Barbara O’Neill Named Academic Editor of the Journal of Financial Planning

Barbara O'Neill.

Barbara O’Neill

The Financial Planning Association announced that Barbara O’Neill, distinguished professor and Rutgers Cooperative Extension’s specialist in financial resource management, is the new Journal of Financial Planning Academic Editor, beginning a two-year term Jan. 1, 2016. A prolific writer, she has written over 1,700 consumer newspaper articles and more than 150 articles for academic journals and other professional publications. According to an analysis published in the December 2015 issue of the Journal of Financial Planning, O’Neill has been among the most prolific authors in the core financial planning journals from 1984 to 2014. The mission of the Journal of Financial Planning is to expand the body of knowledge of the financial planning profession. Read full press release.

GARDENER STATE: Just a few cures for your cabin fever

Are you suffering from extreme irritability and restlessness during these post-holiday weeks with seemingly no one visiting and nothing to do? The tree is long recycled or boxed and the lights and decorations are all put away. And even your New Year’s resolutions just seem like nasty reminders of things you haven’t done yet, and possibly give up on. There are plenty of post-holiday events, programs, destinations, and happenings that have nothing to do with winter, but everything to do with getting you out and about and thinking more about where you are, what you’re standing on, and what’s up above. The Gardener State column is written by Nicholas Polanin, Agricultural Agent, Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station.

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Dirty Little Secrets: In Your Fish

Standing on the bank where the Passaic River meets the Newark Bay in New Jersey, Oswaldo Avad reels in a small bluefish and a piece of a grocery bag. "One piece plastic and one fish," Avad said in broken English. The Passaic River is one of the most contaminated bodies of water in the country. More than 100 companies are potentially responsible for dumping toxic waste in it for decades before that was outlawed. Fifty-four of the liable companies have formed a consortium and given Rutgers University $1.1 million to create a fish exchange program. Rutgers buys young tilapia from a fish farm in New Jersey and raises them in a Newark greenhouse. The waste produced by the fish is used to grow lettuce and herbs for a local food bank.

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Rutgers Clean Energy and Food Innovation Incubators Leading Efforts to Improve Environmental Sustainability within New Jersey Food Industry


Rutgers EcoComplex was awarded a $157,517 grant from the U.S. EPA, Region II Pollution Prevention Program that’s aimed at helping New Jersey’s food processors, storage and distribution facilities to become more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable through upgrading refrigeration systems, using safer chemicals, reducing water and energy use, and increasing employee training.

“This project will require working closely with the existing food processing, cold storage and distribution facilities to evaluate their current practices and provide them with customized technical assistance and training to improve their sustainability,” says Serpil Guran, director of the Rutgers EcoComplex and the project’s principal investigator.

Among the partners in this project, which will target food supply chain facilities in Newark and Jersey City, are the Rutgers Food Innovation Center (FIC), the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and Newark Refrigerated Warehouse LLC. [Read more…]