Are Leaders Born or Made? Do You Have What it Takes?

Mary Nikola, an expert on leadership, management and organisational development at The School of Environmental and Biological Sciences at Rutgers University in New Jersey, the US, speaks with the Perishable Pundit ahead of her interactive workshop at the London Produce Show and Conference 2015… So when we learned that Mary Nikola, who we have worked with for years in arranging the student group from Rutgers for The New York Produce Show and Conference, was available to come to London, shepherd a student, and speak in her area of expertise — Leadership, Management and Organizational Development — we were thrilled. We asked Pundit Investigator and Special Projects Editor Mira Slott to find out more…

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IMAX Film “Volcanoes of the Deep Sea” Begins Run in Indonesia

Untitled-8Twelve years after its debut, Volcanoes of the Deep Sea has attracted over 200 million viewers and is still going strong. This IMAX film spotlights the intriguing world of deep-sea volcanoes found miles under the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, brought to life through the work of Richard Lutz, a professor in the Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences, and his former colleague, Peter Rona, a marine sciences professor who passed away in 2014. Volcanoes of the Deep Sea is heading to the Keong Emas IMAX Theatre in Jakarta, Indonesia, for a run of at least a year starting June 15. Read more at Rutgers Today.

Climate Change Captured Through Documentary

Director Dena Seidel is an award winning documentary filmmaker, published short story author, as well as the creator and designer of the first film major at Rutgers University. Here, she talks about her feature-length documentary film, Antarctic Edge: 70 South… There is urgent need to improve science communication to the general public. Too often research narratives fail to illustrate the excitement, challenges and passion required to explore the planet. As such, the Rutgers Film Bureau has partnered with the Rutgers Institute for Marine and Coastal Sciences to create a multi-tiered documentary film project featuring the transformative science of the National Science Foundation’s LTER project at Palmer Station… Antarctic Edge: 70 South screens on Sunday May 17 at 3 pm in the Tradewinds Auditorium of the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute. Reserve tickets by calling 294-0204.

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Rutgers Team in Award-winning Film Featured in NPR Interview

Dena Seidel filming in the Antarctic.

Rutgers Center for Digital Filmmaking director Dena Seidel filming in the Antarctic.

On the eve of its New York City debut on April 17, the Antarctic Edge: 70o South film team of Rutgers marine scientist Oscar Schofield, Rutgers Center for Digital Filmmaking director Dena Seidel and film student Gabriela Elise talk with Leonard Lopate about their collaboration on this award-winning film.  Schofield reveals the changes he’s observed in the Antarctic, signs of a rapidly changing climate. Listen to the interview on NPR’s Leonard Lopate Show.

Beware- Toxic Pesticides Used at Vacation Spots

It was a vacation nightmare. A Wilmington family of four staying in a Virgin Islands condo, with idyllic views of Cruz Bay on St. John, suddenly became seriously ill. So ill that they were airlifted home and hospitalized, the father and two teenage boys in critical condition… The likely scenario that has emerged is that they were poisoned after methyl bromide was sprayed in the condo underneath the one where the family was staying. The pesticide is banned in many countries and is not authorized for use in residences in the U.S… "In many developing counties where there is a protracted man vs. insect battle, lots of misapplications take place," said Mark Robson, a professor in Rutgers University’s School of Environmental and Plant Sciences. He also edits the Journal of Human and Ecological Risk Assessment. "One should be cautious, avoid the applications when possible, and assume they will occur in developing countries."… Robson said he has been sprayed as he sat by the pool at a resort in Africa, in airplanes, and even one time in a sauna in Poland. "Many places have unqualified people making these applications, typically in long white coats and wearing gloves and goggles, while you sit there by the pool in only a bathing suit."

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