Retail Marketing Conference for Farm Women

Now more than ever, farmers need to have marketing plans. It takes careful planning and a comprehensive understanding of the marketplace in order to develop a business strategy that will ensure success…Annie’s Project New Jersey is funded by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture Risk Management Agency and Rutgers Cooperative Extension.

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Rutgers program helps vets learn green skills

The little purple ball of explosive flavor is called the Paul Robeson and it is not a grape tomato, but the result of a hybrid between grapes and tomatoes. "That little purple tomato they grew, man, that was delicious," said Otis Knight, who lives near a lot Newark where a group of veterans are being trained in the art of gardening…Feeding the neighborhood isn’t the goal of the Rutgers’ training project known as VETS (Veterans Environmental Technology and Solutions Program). It’s just a happy byproduct. The real mission is to give unemployed vets "green, sustainable job skills," said Amy Rowe, one of the program leaders.

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Thanks To Nutella, The World Needs More Hazelnuts

Nutella, that sinfully indulgent chocolate-hazelnut spread, turns 50 this year, and it’s come a long way, baby…And now, one can even find a few hazelnuts in the Northeastern United States, where they’ve never been successfully grown before. They’re standing in a Rutgers University research farm, an oasis of orchards tucked in between highways, just outside New Brunswick, N.J. "All the green leafy things you see here are hazelnut trees. But in the beginning, they all used to die from disease," says Thomas Molnar, a Rutgers plant scientist who is in charge of this effort.

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Botanists battle ‘plant blindness’ with seeds of knowledge

Since she began teaching at Rutgers 13 years ago, botany professor Lena Struwe has seen growing student interest in learning about plants. But that desire often comes without the basic plant knowledge that previous generations of students arrived on campus with…"Many times, I have to teach from scratch. ‘This is a petal. This is a leaf. This is a branch,’ " said Struwe, who, like plant-science educators across the country, bemoans what has come to be known as "plant blindness" or plant illiteracy among not just college students, but adults and children, too.

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Noel W. Hinners, Voice for Scientific Research at NASA, Dies at 78

Noel W. Hinners, a geologist and soil chemist who helped NASA launch some of its farthest-reaching scientific probes into space – to retrieve moon rocks, map the surface of Mars and peer beyond intergalactic dust to where stars are born – died on Friday in Littleton, Colo. He was 78…Dr. Hinners, who held various titles as an administrator and chief scientist for NASA in the 1970s and ’80s, was the main advocate for pure scientific research in an organization ruled by rocket engineers and pilots…Dr. Hinners graduated from Rutgers University in 1958 with a degree in soil science and agricultural research, and with thoughts of a career in agriculture.

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