Seeing Eye club members talk toils and joys of raising puppies

Abbey Hartman cried for two days after being separated from her puppy Nestle. These tears, however, turned into tears of joy soon when she reminded herself that Nestle would help a visually impaired person take control of his or her life. "I can imagine how hard it will be with Nestle," Hartman said. "But there is nothing but pride in my heart." Hartman, a Rutgers Business School junior, is the treasurer of the Rutgers University Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Club. The organization trains puppies to be Seeing Eye dogs for the visually and physically impaired.

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Rutgers professor develops ‘superfood’ lettuce

Blueberries are considered the gold standard of "superfoods" because of their high levels of polyphenols, beneficial compounds shown to protect against diabetes, cardiovascular disease, memory loss, inflammation and cancer. However, this seasonal fruit, often priced at a premium, is high in sugar content, requiring limited consumption by people on restrictive diets…A new superfood that’s low in sugar and available year-round and exceeds the high polyphenol content of blueberries hits the market this month. This high-polyphenol lettuce has been named Rutgers Scarlet Lettuce (RSL) – a tribute to Rutgers’ school mascot and color, the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, and is the brainchild of Rutgers Distinguished Professor in Plant Biology Ilya Raskin.

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Rutgers Professor’s ‘Super Lettuce’ To Hit Grocery Store Shelves Saturday

Thanks to a Rutgers professor, one of our healthiest foods has gotten healthier and the product is hitting grocery store shelves on Saturday. "[It's]The first time I think something really good happened to lettuce, because it’s the second most commonly consumed vegetable in the world and yet it’s not known for anything good or bad and now it’s gotten a functionality and some true benefits for health," plant biology professor Ilya Raskin told WCBS 880′s Levon Putney. Raskin broke down lettuce into individual cells, reproduced the cells high in antioxidants and there you go – super lettuce!

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Rutgers Gardens celebrates nature at Fall Festival

Rutgers Gardens hosted its annual Fall Festival over the weekend to help raise funds for the 180-acre public garden. Bruce Crawford, director of Rutgers Gardens, said the festival is a fun day out intended to serve as a fundraiser and community awareness event. "As long as the gardens have been here, there are still a number of families who don’t know we exist," he said. "There’s nothing out front that screams ‘Rutgers Gardens.’"…The preserve, which opened in 1922, is tucked away off Ryders Lane between New Brunswick and East Brunswick.

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Oyster farmers ride the wave of consumer tastes – Lawmaker offers his help to the shellfish growers

Aquaculture farmers in Middle Township are riding the leading edge of an oyster renaissance, a Rutgers marine scientist said recently, and last week independent growers in the area got the vocal support of a federal lawmaker in their pursuit to revitalize a once-great state industry…Not long ago, the lawmaker’s office reached out to Lisa Calvo, a Rutgers marine scientist working with eight oyster farmers in the township, and one in Cumberland County.

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