Growing New Jobs in Newark for Veterans [Video]

"There wasn’t a lot of jobs in Newark asking for someone to survey or make maps," Rutgers graduate Rodney Spencer said. After serving his country in the U.S. Army, Spencer couldn’t find a way to put his skills to use at home. Now he’s a graduate of Rutgers Veterans Environmental Technology Solutions program – an effort to put unemployed vets in the Newark area back to work. "It’s just nice being here, seeing the community connect with a really valuable resource – the returning veterans," Senior Program Coordinator Jan Zientek said.

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Planning Your Summer? Here’s the Best Guess at the Weather N.J. Can Expect

As Memorial Day heralds in the unofficial start to the summer season in New Jersey, the outlook for beach season is, well, hazy at best. But the best guess for what’s going to happen lies in the Pacific… Unlike winter, which delivered on its promise of cold and snow, an analysis of long-term forecast data shows that there isn’t a clear signal of what the summer weather will bring to the Garden State… "There’s nothing screaming for a continuation of warm, dry conditions, but there isn’t really anything to the contrary either," said David Robinson, the state climatologist at Rutgers University.

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Astronomer’s ‘boys with toys’ remark inspires #GirlsWithToys response

The photo and tweet by Mrinalini Nikrad, postdoc in the Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences working with Max Haggblom and Lee Kerkhof, is featured in this post about female scientists around the world taking to Twitter using the hashtag #GirlsWithToys in response to a male astronomer’s offhand comment.

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Our Bodies Need Salt, But Not Too Much- Or Too Little

In the past, people thought that salt boosted health- so much so that the Latin word for "health"- "salus"- was derived from "sal," the word for salt. In medieval times, salt was prescribed to treat a multitude of conditions, including toothaches, stomachaches and "heaviness of mind."… "We humans eat more salt than is necessary. But we all do it. So the question is: Why?" says Paul Breslin, a professor of nutritional sciences who researches sodium appetite at New Jersey’s Rutgers University… Breslin believes there may be another evolution-based reason why we love salt: "Salt accelerates sexual maturation in animal models, resulting in more offspring," he says.

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Time to ‘Plant Something,’ NJ Landscapers Say

Dominick Mondi, executive director of the New Jersey Nursey & Landscape Association says sure, your place will look prettier but there are other reasons to plant things around your home… Mondi said thanks to a grant from the USDA, this is first year the state has had the opportunity to really roll out the "Plant Something" initiative here in New Jersey… The New Jersey Nursery & Landscape Association has built an informational website,, for residents to learn, research and find professionals. Mondi said they are a few months into the launch of the website. "We have fact sheets from Rutgers University Extension posted on there, as well as information from other sources," he said.

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