The Green Bay Packers’ New Workout Plan

NFL teams are asking the same question as weekend-warrior runners and cyclists: How much should you push yourself just before the big day? The surging Green Bay Packers have a counterintuitive answer. It’s called "Feel-Good Friday," a recent Packers creation in which Friday practice is canceled but deep-tissue massages or other treatments are mandatory…Experts say that nearly all training within a day of a game should be focused on replenishment of glycogen, a carbohydrate storage material. Practicing the day before a game could in fact put a team at a disadvantage, said Shawn Arent, an associate professor in the department of exercise science and sport studies at Rutgers University.

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Better Process Control School at Rutgers: A Tip for Making Processed Foods Safer

Rutgers Office of Continuing Professional Education (OCPE) offers a series of courses for food manufacturing and R&D professionals in food science, product development and food safety. In this video, Professor Don Schaffner offers a tip on preventing microbial contamination that is offered in the Better Process Control School. See a listing of OCPE’s upcoming food safety courses.

Video: Better Process Control School at Rutgers: A Tip for Making Processed Foods Safer

Rutgers Students Pioneer Role as On-Campus Nutrition Ambassadors

The Healthy Dining Team

The Healthy Dining Team

Once college students are immersed in a university dining environment with what seems like endless food options, they may not come up with the best selections. The Rutgers Healthy Dining Team are student ambassadors for the Institute of Food, Nutrition and Health (IFNH) that encourage healthy eating in their peers. Read more from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which has provided funding for IFNH.


Rutgers and Local Foundation Team Up to Bring FCHS Educator to Salem County

Rutgers’ Department of Family and Community Health Sciences (FCHS) and the Salem Health and Wellness Foundation announced the establishment of a Health Educator position for Salem County, which has been without a FCHS health educator for over 20 years.

Kathleen Morgan, Chair, FCHS Department.

Kathleen Morgan, Chair, FCHS Department.

FCHS, a unit of Rutgers Cooperative Extension (RCE), sought to establish this position in Salem County, using the basis of its highly regarded, award-winning Get Moving—Get Healthy school and workplace wellness program. Get Moving—Get Healthy uses evidence-based research and innovative methods to educate and motivate students, professionals and the public to take action toward improving their overall health and wellness.

Kathleen Morgan, chair of FCHS and a health educator for the past 21 years, saw the Rutgers and Foundation partnership as mutually beneficial. “Since we established Get Moving—Get Healthy in 2007, we’ve been looking for a way to introduce the program to every county in New Jersey, especially Salem County, where there is a critical need for health promotion information. [Read more…]

The Science Behind Breakfast

Professor of Food Engineering Mukund Karwe, in the Department of Food Science, explains what’s behind the snap, crackle and pop in our favorite cereals while Nutritional Sciences Professor Carol Byrd-Bredbenner makes a case for starting off the day with more than a cup of coffee.

Video: The Science Behind Breakfast