Alumni Story: Andrea Cochran’s Journey from Art to ‘Artist of the Land’

Andrea Cochran

Andrea Cochran

Editor’s Note: In this series of alumni accounts prepared by the Office of Alumni and Community Engagement, a thread that binds them is the recurring reference to the enormous transformational impact our students have experienced during their days at Rutgers. This is one of those stories.

It is June 2014. The year is just half over, and Andrea Cochran (CC ’76) already has received two very important honors for her work as a landscape architect: a 2014 National Design Award, conferred by the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, and a 2014 Design Medal from the American Society of Landscape Architects. [Read more...]

2014 Rutgers Snyder Farm Open House and Great Tomato Tasting

DSC06581The ever-popular annual Great Tomato Tasting at Snyder Farm continues to grow and expand, and this year there will be more to experience than ever. Hosted by Rutgers Snyder Research Farm  in Pittstown, the event will take place on Wednesday, August 27 from 3 to 7:30 p.m.

In addition to the 80 varieties of tomatoes to taste, activities will include a chef’s cooking demonstration and tasting, guided educational wagon tours of the farm’s research plots, tastings of various fruits and herbs, access to the farm’s gardens with opportunities to ask questions and get answers, insect displays, information booths on various foods grown in the Garden State, and much more. [Read more...]

Rutgers Gardens Offers Relaxing Getaway

A horticultural oasis in urban/suburban Central Jersey – see what Rutgers Gardens has to offer.

Video: Rutgers Gardens Offers Relaxing Getaway

Alumni Story: Two Recent Grads Take ‘Growing Up’ to New Heights

Michael A. Coraggio (Left) and Ryan M. Burrows (right)

Michael A. Coraggio (Left) and Ryan M. Burrows (right)

The concept of living walls – also called vertical gardens – isn’t entirely new, but Michael Coraggio (Cook ’06) and Ryan Burrows (GSNB ’13) have turned it into an innovative business that promotes beauty and sustainability with practical and environmentally sound applications.

First “invented” in the 1930s, a living wall turns an impervious vertical surface into an attractive and ecologically beneficial space. This architectural approach has surged in popularity in recent years, especially in urban settings with scarce green areas, office buildings and other structures that beg for aesthetic improvement.

Their business, EcoWalls®, takes a soil-less, hydroponic approach to growing and maintaining a vertical garden, rather than using soil or other media. The advantage is that a non-soil medium allows for more consistent results and, unlike soil, does not break down or decay. This reduces maintenance and replacement costs. [Read more...]

South Plainfield Senior Center Grows Garden for Healthy Eating

As a member of the Mayors Wellness Committee, I had had an idea to incorporate Mayor Anesh’s Wellness initiatives with healthy eating for our seniors. The idea quickly grew into action in the form of a vegetable and herb garden outside the Senior Center Building. The first item on the agenda was to contact the Master Gardeners of Rutgers Cooperative Program. The Master Gardeners Cooperative Program is a group of trained volunteers that I was able to meet and discuss the plan of a senior vegetable garden. After Rutgers performed soil testing the project was a go!

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