Rutgers award-winning film, Antarctic Edge: 70° South, Heads to iTunes, Netflix and DVD

Antarctic Edge 70 South imageHave you ever wondered what it would be like to be a researcher in the Antarctic? Would it be easy or hard for the scientists and the crew? Would you see penguins and icebergs?

Now is your chance to answer these questions and more from the comfort of your home as Antarctic Edge: 70° South, the award winning Rutgers documentary film that captures a thrilling journey to one of the world’s most perilous environment, debuts June 30 on iTunes. It’s also a story of climate change from one of the most remote parts of the world, according to Oscar Schofield, the lead scientist in the film and Rutgers professor of marine and coastal sciences. “It’s a race against time,” he says in the film.

The documentary, which follows a team of world-class scientists as they explore the fastest warming place on earth: the West Antarctic Peninsula, debuts later summer on Netflix starting August 1. DVDs will be available from First Run Features. Pre-orders are currently being taken and some of the proceeds will return to Rutgers.

Antarctic Edge: 70° South won Best Documentary at the Princeton Film Festival, best documentary feature at the International Lighthouse Film Festival and won the Science and Technology Film Prize of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic at the International Film Festival EKOTOPFILM – ENVIROFILM 2015.

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Rutgers Food Innovation Center and NJ Business Groups to Visit Israel to Build NJ-Israel Innovation Cluster

Rutgers FIC Director Lou Cooperhouse.

Rutgers FIC Director Lou Cooperhouse.

During the week of June 21, Lou Cooperhouse, director of the Rutgers Food Innovation Center (FIC) and President of the New Jersey Business Incubation Network (NJ BIN) and Jessica Paolini, Economic Development Manager of Choose New Jersey, Inc., are visiting Israel to meet with academic, government, business incubation, and investment organizations. The purpose of the trip is to create a NJ-Israel Food Innovation Cluster, focused on food and agribusiness collaborations, which will serve as a model for other cluster-based initiatives expected to be formed between the State of Israel and the State of New Jersey during the next few years.

They will be hosted by Olive Grove Ventures (OGV), an international business development consultancy, whose mission is to accelerate the successful entry of Israeli companies into the US market.

“We believe that there is great potential to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between New Jersey and Israel to bring science based innovations to the U.S. market,” stated Laura Herschlag, founder and CEO of Olive Grove Ventures. “Every government, industry, and academic organization we reached out to responded enthusiastically to the invitation to meet or host a gathering with representatives from New Jersey to learn about the market entry resources and platforms to help Israeli companies succeed in the US.”

The NJ-Israel Food Innovation Cluster is a joint initiative between the FIC, OGV, and Tel-Hai Academic College. Cooperhouse will be discussing research and academic collaborations with Tel-Hai and will be the keynote presenter for their “Innovations in Healthy Foods” conference, which strengthens the connection between the university and industry, and introduces the latest innovations in science and technology as relates to healthier food.

“We are extremely excited at this first step in creating a NJ-Israel Food Innovation Cluster. Business clustering and cooperation results in enhanced innovation and accelerated economic growth, due to the opportunities created by linking together academia, industry and government,” said Cooperhouse. [Read more…]

Advice from the Road to Financial Wellness: Planning is a Key to Success

Barbara O'Neill introduces Jason Vitug, founder of Phroogal.

Barbara O’Neill introduces Jason Vitug, founder of Phroogal.

Phroogal, a social media company that provides financial information targeted to young adults in the millennial generation, made a “pit stop” at Rutgers University on June 4 as part of a month-long, cross-country financial education road trip. Phroogal founder Jason Vitug, a resident of Elizabeth, NJ, and 2007 graduate of Rutgers Business School, presented a seminar for Rutgers faculty and staff called “Money & Mindset: The Road to Financial Wellness.”

Along with three Phroogal staff members and a videographer, Vitug is traveling to 30 locations across the U.S. throughout the month of June 2015 to raise awareness of financial topics and encourage people to make better financial decisions. Vitug and his Phroogal team members were invited to make the pit stop at the university by Barbara O’Neill, Rutgers Cooperative Extension specialist in financial resource management. [Read more…]

Rutgers EcoComplex Designated International Business Incubator by National Association

NBIA Soft Landings logoRutgers EcoComplex Clean Energy Innovation Center, a business incubator located in Bordentown, New Jersey, was awarded the Soft Landings International Incubator designation by the National Business Incubation Association (NBIA). The EcoComplex becomes the third active Soft Landings incubator in New Jersey; the Rutgers Food Innovation Center, which focuses on the food and agribusiness sector, and the Enterprise Development Center at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) also have the designation.

Through its Soft Landings program, NBIA recognizes business incubation programs across the world that offer specialty services to help foreign companies enter into their domestic market. The Rutgers EcoComplex was selected for the program because of its slate of business services for nondomestic firms and its demonstrated success at helping these firms enter the U.S. market. The EcoComplex has successfully worked with international companies in areas of environmental and alternative energy innovation.

With three Soft Landings incubators, New Jersey has the largest cluster of internationally-focused incubators in the U.S. and the second-largest cluster in the world. The resources of each of New Jersey’s three incubators are multiplied by the resources available through their membership in the New Jersey Business Incubation Network, a collaboration of 13 incubators in the state.

The Rutgers EcoComplex incubator is a comprehensive business development program and facility for companies in the clean energy, environmental and controlled environment agriculture industries. [Read more…]

HSRL Scientist and Collaborative Team Get Winter Flounder Essential Fish Habitat Designation Changed and Helps Maritime Businesses in South Jersey

Eleanor Bochenek on a research trip to Alaska.

Eleanor Bochenek on a research trip to Alaska.

Winter flounder, Pseudopleuronectes americanus, support an important commercial and recreational fishery along the northeast coast of North America. Highest abundance occurs in the most northern part of their range. However, populations have declined significantly since the 1980s as a result of climate change, poor water quality and estuarine habitat loss. Due to warming ocean temperatures, many believe that the southern range of winter flounder has migrated north with New Jersey now being at the southern extent. Winter flounder are unlike most other fish species in that they reproduce during the winter months and spawn in estuaries in late winter to early spring.

Winter flounder fisheries in New England and the Mid-Atlantic are managed by the New England Fisheries Management Council (NEFMC) in federal waters. The NEFMC classified estuaries as well as inland and coastal bays as Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) for winter flounder eggs and larvae as far south as the Delaware Bay. No dredging could take place in these waterways during the winter and spring months because of the EFH designation.

The local community, fishing docks and marina owners in Cape May County contacted Eleanor Bochenek, director of the Fisheries Cooperative Center at Rutgers, to examine the EFH designation for winter flounder eggs and larvae in southern New Jersey with emphasis on waterways in Cape May County, NJ. The NEFMC was in the process of updating the EFH designation for winter flounder, restricting marina and channel dredging as well as beach replenishment activities from January 1 through May.

According to Bochenek, this designation created significant problems since “these activities must now be backed up into the spring and summer months when recreational vessels are being launched in these same areas and when visitors use local beaches.” [Read more…]